Inflatable Rubber Boat

Boat Details:

General Specifications: 1. It is light weight and portable. 2. It is reasonably maintenance free. 3. It is rugged and user friendly. 4. Suitable transom for accepting 60HP OBM. 5. Standard accessories provided with each boat are as under.


Length Breadth Height Draft Pay Load Speed Construction Engine Weight
4.30M 1.88M N/A N/A 10 Persons N/A Make and model - The design will assure adequate buoyancy, stability, rigidityand safety during the .most difficult waterman ship application. Colour - Black/Grey or Orange. Ambient separating temp - 15oC to 65oC All items and materials used to conform to the standard laid down by ISO International Maritime Organisation whichever standard is used should be specified. N/A Weight with accessories (Max) - 150 Kgs